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Alleged Murderer Barry Morphew Accused Wife of Affair, Threatened to ‘Shoot Off’ the Other Man’s ‘Balls,’ FBI Testifies

Barry Morphew's mugshot after arrest in alleged murder of his wife Suzanne

Barry Morphew. (Image via the Chaffee County, Colo. Sheriff’s Office.)

Accused murderer Barry Morphew, 53, did five trash runs on the May 10, 2020, the day his wife and alleged victim Suzanne Morphew went missing, investigators testified in court on Tuesday.

After one of the agents itemized those alleged trips, another spoke of the husband’s rage upon learning of his wife’s affair.

“If I find him, I will shoot off his balls, and shove them down his throat,” Barry Morphew allegedly said, according to the testimony of FBI agent Kenneth Harris, as reported by the Fox-affiliated local station KXRM.

Retired FBI agent Jonathan Grusing detailed the handful of garbage trips and a stay at a hotel north of the family’s home. Ostensibly, Morphew left his home in Salida, Colorado, for a construction job, but ex-Agent Grusing said Barry Morphew and the client company would have known they were not allowed to work on that or any Sunday in the city of Bloomfield near Denver.

Barry Morphew allegedly said that he threw away tranquilizer material in his final trash trip.

Suzanne engaged in a yearslong affair with her high school classmate Jeff Libler, a married father-of-six, the court heard on Monday. She was done with Barry as a spouse. In texts with a longtime friend, she claimed he was a manipulative “Jekyll and Hyde,” and she was only staying with him until their younger daughter left the home. According to Agent Harris, Barry leveraged Suzanne’s history as a two-time cancer survivor against her.

Agent Harris testified on Tuesday that Barry Morphew correctly guessed she was having an affair, though there’s no apparent indication that he knew who the other man was or whether Suzanne had him in the family home. Nonetheless, Morphew allegedly made a visceral threat against this other man.

Things continued to be tense between the couple, with Barry Morphew allegedly discussing suicide mere days before Suzanne went missing.

Agent Harris previously testified that Suzanne Morphew’s longtime friend Sheila Oliver said that Barry Morphew forced his then-wife into a closet and put a gun to his head in a 2018 incident.

Missing woman Suzanne Morphew. Authorities say they believe she is dead.

Suzanne Morphew. (Image via the Chaffee County, Colo. Sheriff’s Office.)

Libler was working over in Michigan when Suzanne Morphew went missing, according to testimony.

Barry Morphew allegedly denied changing the passcodes on Suzanne’s Facebook account and making friend requests with 20 men and three other people.

Grusing said that defendant Morphew’s story about his activity on May 10 changed over time regarding when he worked and when he was in his hotel room.

[Booking image of Barry Morphew and image of Suzanne Morphew via the Chaffee County, Colo. Sheriff’s Office]

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