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‘Thank God’ for Criminals: Inmates Break into Locked SUV to Save Baby (WATCH)


Locking yourself out of a car is annoying enough. It’s a problem of a whole nother magnitude when you leave a baby inside. That’s actually what happened to a Florida couple on Thursday, according to ABC Action News. Fortunately, they got some help from their friendly neighborhood inmates.

Video shows inmates in Pasco County opening a locked SUV to save a baby. The mother said the baby’s father accidentally locked the keys inside their Chevy Tahoe.

This happened to be right by the West Pasco Judicial Center, according to ABC 7. Five inmates were working on fixing medians, and deputies recruited them to help break into the vehicle. A bystander also provided a wire hanger as a tool.

“A lot of [the prisoners], like these individuals, they know they made bad mistakes, bad choices, but they want to do the right thing in life,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told the outlet.

Inmates, father, and at least one bystander can be seen peeling open the locked driver’s side door, and unlocking another door with the driver’s side controls.

The mother reportedly said she wanted to learn the prisoner’s names so she could contribute to their commissary accounts. Dallas, the baby, is fine.

“Them prisoners bust that shit right open,” says the mother in the full version of the video. “So thank God for the criminals in the world.”

Inmates in Polk County, Georgia once helped save a deputy who fainted.

In another incident, a jail guard in Parker County, Texas had a massive heart attack in the facility. Inmates banged on their cell and yelled for help. When aid didn’t come, they broke out to save him.

[Screengrab via Shadow Lantry]


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