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Police Investigated Person Who Posted Nazi Stickers in California Town (VIDEO)


Police in Fairfax, California have looked into videos and reports of an individual who put up swastika stickers.

“Officers have completed their follow-up investigation and will be sending the reports to the district attorney’s office for review of charges against this person for the posting of these inflammatory hate related stickers,” Police Chief Christopher Morin told The Marin Independent Journal in a Wednesday report.

Video posted to the Instagram account “noahthamack” purported to show the account user confronting a masked person putting up Nazi stickers. The masked individual admitted to believing in the Nazi “ideology.” From the post:

I was pissed tf off to see that these were pro-nazi stickers with Swastikas on them reading “we are everywhere”. I tore the sticker off, threw it away, and followed the guy down the street with my phone for about 20 minutes telling him to get the fuck out of my town and to throw that racist shit away on the way out. He was wearing sunglasses that had a nazi SS on them and had a nazi pin on his jacket.

The person refused to take off his mask when prompted to show his face.

“Fucking Trump supporter,” said the man taking the video.

“I’m not a Trump supporter,” said the masked individual.

“[You] fucking look like it, bro,” said the man filming.

“Trust me, I’m not,” said the masked individual.

The footage went on for almost 10 minutes. The subjects argued, and the video’s author said he would stop filming if the masked person threw away the stickers.

“I’m half Jewish, bro,” said the man recording the confrontation. “I don’t fuck with that shit.”

“That explains it,” said the masked person.

An apparently older man also chastised the individual putting up the stickers. The man doing the filming also pointed out the masked person had a knife. The footage ended when an officer arrived at the scene.

“It was a standard pocket knife that anyone can possess,” Morin said. “The reason we took that information in is because residents on [the website] Nextdoor are alleging a weapon was involved and that the suspect brandished a knife. So we needed to quell that rumor.”

[Screengrab via Instagram/noahthamack]

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