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White Man Called for Navajo People to Be Massacred Amid COVID-19 Fears: Police


Daniel Frazen

An man in Page, Arizona allegedly called for the killings of Navajo people amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak of 2020.

Daniel Franzen, 34, was arrested for attempting to incite a terrorist attack, cops said in an AZ Central report.

“Danger, danger, if you see these Navajo anywhere, call the police or shoot to kill,” the defendant allegedly wrote in a Facebook post. “These Navajo are 100% infected with the coronavirus and needs to be stopped, lethal force is authorized. Page, Arizona do not need this spreading, stop these people in any way or form.”

Police said they were made aware of the post at 7:53 p.m. on Monday.

“The Page Police Department recognizes the alarming nature of this incident and shares the justified concern this behavior has caused the Navajo community, and others,” they said in their own Facebook post. “The police department wishes to remind community members that unlawful hate speech, especially that which singles out protected classes (race, religion, gender, etc.), will be aggressively investigated and violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. Additionally, threats toward Franzen, as well as other retaliatory measures will be investigated in a like manner.”

It’s unclear if Franzen has an attorney in this matter.

Reports indicate that the COVID-19 has fueled racist fears. The virus first hit China, then spread worldwide. A number of alleged hate crimes against Asian people followed.

The spread and death toll of the virus were also exacerbated by lack of access to resources, as correlates with race and background. That’s what the Navajo Nation is looking at down in the southwest. Recent data also indicates that the virus is killing African Americans at a disproportionate rate.

[Mugshot via Coconino County Sheriff’s Office]

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