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65-Year-Old Man Was Tackled After Allegedly Coughing and Spitting on Supermarket Food (WATCH)


There was a heck of a scene at a supermarket in Kingston, Massachusetts. As captured on video, bystanders brought a man to the ground at a Stop & Shop on Saturday. That alone will cause some online rubbernecking. The purported reason for tackling him was even more striking: the individual had been allegedly coughing and spitting on the produce, according to WBZ.

The person was only identified as a 65-year-old man. He might face charges including assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and um, destruction of property. It’s no surprise that he was also banned from the supermarket.

“That somebody would even think to do that, it blows my mind,” said a customer interviewed by the local news outlet. “Right now, especially what’s going on. Everybody should be coming together and be respectful of each other and try to stop the spread of this awful thing right now.”

Cops said they had no evidence to think the suspect had the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), but he was taken to the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital just in case.

Stop & Shop spokesperson Maria Fruci said that they threw away the product, and cleaned the affected spots of the supermarket.

“The Board of Health has inspected the store and affirmed the store is safe for shoppers,” she said. “We are working in cooperation with local law enforcement on this matter.”

Something similar reportedly happened in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania. A 35-year-old woman allegedly coughed and spit on food at a local supermarket. She faced charges including terrorist threats, and criminal mischief.

[Screengrab via WBZ]

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