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Vancouver Cops Shed Light on Getting Informants on the Inside of ‘Insane’ Hitman ‘Chat Groups’


Anisha Myette, Sandy Avelar

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On the latest episode of Law&Crime’s podcast Coptales & Cocktails, Sgt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin, formerly of the Tulsa Police Department’s Crime Gun Unit, and ICU Nurse Howard Doss sat down with Vancouver Police officers and Her Time co-founders, Detective Anisha Myette and Sergeant Sandy Avelar.

Myette and Avelar told Larkin and Doss about how they’ve had informants involved in infiltrating “insane” hitman group chats.

“We’ve had informants who have WhatsApp group chats of up to 100 guys who are on these chats, and they’re hit man chat groups,” Myette said. “It’s insane. They put out a picture and a price tag, it’s a first come first serve, and you’ll just respond with a check mark.”

Myette said that the price tag on the targets can get up to “one hundred thousand.”

Watch the full show below:

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