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Ohio Dad Accused of Damaging His Infant Girl’s Brain for Appalling Reason


A married Ohio father who runs a chiropractic office with his wife, who is also a physical therapist, has been accused of inflicting brain damage and 28 rib fractures on their 3-month-old infant because the baby was “fussy” and he wanted a boy instead.

Jason Bittner, 33, was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in a Warren County, Ohio courtroom. In advance of the arraignment and a subsequent release on bond, prosecutor David Fornshell described Bittner as “resentful” the baby was not born a boy and that he was “very intolerant of the fact that she fussed.”

The Bittners have another young daughter.

Bittner entered a not guilty plea to charges of child endangerment and felonious assault on Wednesday, and left the premises after posting $2,500 of the $25,000 bond set.

A WLWT reporter relaying court documents said Bittner was home with the infant and a 2-year-old daughter while his wife went to work. The infant was reportedly left in a baby bouncer without being secured.

The infant’s brain injuries were described by WXIX as “traumatic.” She has, however, been released from intensive care.

Prosecutor Forshnell said these injuries, plus the 28 rib fractures, were “inconsistent with an explanation that this was some type of accident.”

Bittner was elsewhere described as a “devout Christian.”

[Image Source: Warren County Jail]

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