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Papa Roach’s Response to Trump’s ‘NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION’ Tweet Was Perfect


No doubt you recall the first time you heard the legendary Papa Roach song “Last Resort.” It’s 2000. You’re in the bedroom that you’re forced to share with your little brother. You have headphones on with the volume pumped up after your parents complained about you making too much noise in the living room. We promise you that the last thing you were thinking about was how this song could be used to make fun of then-real estate developer Donald Trump.

And yet here we are. It’s 2019, Trump is the President of these United States, there’s this thing called Twitter, and Papa Roach’s official account quote tweeted him with a reference to “Last Resort.” And, somehow, that quote tweet makes perfect sense.

Try reading it all without hearing the song in your head. Talk about earworms.

The president often uses Twitter to control the public narrative and discussion. Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller analyzed in Volume II of his report numerous incidents of possible obstruction of justice, but investigators declined to make a determination as to Trump’s guilt or innocence.

“The president was not exculpated for the acts that he allegedly committed,” Mueller still saw fit to say.

Trump has repeatedly attacked the Special Counsel’s investigation as politically motivated. This isn’t his first, and definitely not his last “NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION” tweet.

In any case, this isn’t the first time Papa Roach’s account made fun of the president using “Last Resort.” Look at how they responded in 2018 when Trump issued a bullish statement addressed to Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran.

Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix discussed that tweet in a January 2019 report from Billboard.

“I’ve got my own political views, but I’m not trying to jam my shit down people’s throat, you know?” he said. “But sometimes I just can’t help it. Sometimes you’re going to offend some people. Not everybody’s going to love your true, authentic self and not everybody’s going to agree with what I’ve got to say or what I gotta do, but that’s all right.”

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