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Lisa Bloom Admits Book Deal ‘Clouded Her Judgment’ with Weinstein


Attorney Lisa Bloom came under fire when she was representing Harvey Weinstein amid allegations of sexual misconduct. So much so, that she resigned soon after. Still, negative reports continued regarding her association with someone accused of such acts, especially since she had made a name for herself representing victims. On Friday, Bloom appeared on “The View,” and discussed the controversy.

“When I was representing him as an adviser, the allegations were about words,” Bloom said, referring to sexual harassment allegations, as opposed to sexual assault accusations that she claims didn’t come out until later on.

“My job was to educate him about sexual harassment laws … including his tone,” she said, referring to Weinstein’s reputation for being angry and belligerent.

Bloom also said that she wanted to set a proper course for how Weinstein should handle the situation. “Apologize for what you did … don’t go after the women,” was Bloom’s strategy, instead of going after the women making the accusations, as she said men like Bill O’Reilly have done in the past.

“Right after that, of course, the allegations got a lot worse,” Bloom said, referring to the allegations had assaulted multiple women.

Neither Bloom nor any of the show’s hosts addressed reports that Bloom had been involved with digging up dirt on alleged victims, or that she was aware of sexual assault allegations earlier than she let on.

Host Joy Behar did bring up Bloom’s book deal with The Weinstein Company. The attorney, known for representing victims, has been criticized for representing someone accused of sexual misconduct, while having a business deal with his company.

“It’s not a conflict legally for an attorney to have a business deal with a client,” Bloom said. However, she said people have asked if her excitement over her deal with the Weinsteins may have clouded her judgment.

“Yeah, I think so,” she admitted.

Bloom said that client confidentiality rules prohibit her from discussing anything further, even though she no longer represents Weinstein.

“When the sexual assault allegations came out, it was absolutely devastating to read those accounts … I was just shocked.”

Now, Bloom says, she regrets being involved at all. “I’m mortified that I was connected with him in any way.”

In response to those who were disappointed in her for representing Weinstein, Bloom said, “I get it, and I’m very, very sorry.”

Bloom also addresses the conflict she has had with her mother, celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, in the wake of the Weinstein drama. Allred publicly criticized her daughter for getting involved with representing Weinstein.

“That was very hurtful. I would have preferred a phone call,” Bloom said. Still, she expressed confidence that they’ll move past this. “I think we’re gonna work this out.”

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