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‘Feels Personal’: Co-Host of Good Bones Says Someone Broke Into Her Home, and Took a Dump in Garage


Question: Who the heck takes a dump in a person’s home during a burglary? Why? That’s the story coming out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Karen E. Laine, co-host of the HGTV’s house-flipper show Good Bones, told Fox 59 in a Saturday report that her home had been broken into three times, and that someone pooped in the garage in two of those instances.

She said that the previous week, someone broke in on the day her youngest daughter became married. The thing is, the suspect allegedly rummaged by the toilet. They then took a dump in a bucket in the garage.

“That’s what makes it feel personal,” Laine said. “Because it’s not about, ‘Oh, I need to go to the bathroom.'”

As a former prosecutor and defense lawyer, Laine would know more about the investigative process than most other targets of burglary. A previous burglary happened when the family was sleeping. Laine’s purse was stolen, but she learned where her cards were used and reported that to police. She said that investigators have been able to get video, and that the feces is being looked at for DNA.

So there’s that.

We repeat: Who the heck takes a dump in someone’s home during a burglary? Why?

[Screengrab via Fox 59]

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