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Woman Holds on Tight to Purse with $75K as Suspects Beat Her, Run Her Over with Car (VIDEO)


A Texas woman showed extreme determination when two men allegedly tried to steal her purse that contained $75,000 in cash. The woman, who has not been identified, was attacked at a gas station in Houston. Surveillance video shows one suspect grab the bag, failing to take it from her hands.

The woman’s husband, with whom she owns a local check cashing store, then exited the gas station’s store and tried to fight the man off, but he was attacked in the process. The man dragged the woman along the ground, but she never gave up. Soon after, a car pulled up, driven by a second suspect. The car then backed over both of them. She still didn’t let go of the purse and continued fighting. She eventually lost her grip as the car pulled forward, but her husband could be seen hanging on.

They reportedly got some of the money, but not all of it, local ABC 7 reported. It’s unclear how much of the money, which the couple had just withdrawn, they got away with.

A deputy witnessed the incident and arrested one suspect, who was identified as 31-year-old Davis Mitchell. The other suspect escaped.

“I will not rest tonight, till we get that guy off the street,” Harris County Constable Mark Herman said. A second unknown individual is also suspected of being involved in the incident.

The woman is being treated at a local hospital and is said to be in critical condition, however she is reportedly expected to recover from her injuries.

[Image via ABC 7 screengrab]

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