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Teen Couple Discuss Having Murdered ‘Somebody’ in Giggly, Amorous Video After They Allegedly Killed the Girl’s Dad


A teenage couple charged with killing the girl’s dad discussed having “murdered somebody,” as seen in newly released cell phone video in their criminal case. That is Aaron Guerrero, 18, and Sierra Halseth, 16, in the footage, looking cozy as they lay back in what seems to be a tent. This was just days after the Las Vegas couple allegedly killed the girl’s father Daniel Halseth, 45, in brutal fashion.

“Welcome back to our YouTube channel,” said a smiling Guerrero in the video obtained seen above.

“Day three,” said Sierra Halseth, who is Law&Crime is naming because she is charged as an adult.

“Day three after murdering somebody,” said Guerrero.

“Whoa!” said a smiling Halseth, who then covered her mouth with her hand. “Don’t put that on camera.”

“It was worth it,” said her boyfriend.

They continued to cuddle, with Guerrero patting Halseth’s cheek and wrapping his hand around her throat. The girl coughed.

“So, yeah,” she said, smiling into the camera.

They are the Nevada teens accused of murdering Daniel Halseth and trying to dismember his body after their parents told them they could not be together. When the victim’s mother and his ex-wife had not heard from him, Sierra Halseth allegedly told the paternal grandmother that Daniel Halseth was fine.

“His phone has been acting up, but he’s okie,” she wrote in texts obtained by KLAS. “It should be all fixed by tomorrow night, no worries.” She added a smile face, “:)”

The grandmother, however, remained worried, later writing, “Why are you doing? … Now the police are involved.”

Such evidence was presented to a grand jury. Police have said Guerrero and the younger Halseth burned the victim’s body and tried to dismember it. Surveillance footage allegedly recorded them buying the items for clean up. They allegedly got things like lighter fluid for the fire, as well as several different kinds of saws.

“There is surveillance video and receipts, indicating when the items were purchased here locally that were used in the cover up of the crime,” Las Vegas police Lt. Ray Spencer told KLAS in April shortly after the discovery of the father’s death.

The couple was arrested in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Guerrero’s attorney Gabriel Grass told KLAS that he is preparing mitigation evidence in the event that prosecutors pursue the death penalty against his client.

Sierra Halseth is not eligible for that punishment because she is a minor.

Daniel Halseth’s family remembered him as a “loving father, brother, and son, who was the heart of the Halseth family,” in a statement obtained by KLAS reporter Vanessa Murphy.

“The total lack of remorse on display in the video is both reprehensible and unforgivable,” the family wrote, asking for privacy and adding that this was the only statement they will make.

[Screengrab via KLAS]

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