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‘I Literally Fight for You Guys’: State Rep. Caught on Video in Meltdown During DWI Arrest (Watch)


The Albuquerque Police Department released two videos showing officers’ interactions with State Rep. Monica Youngblood (R) during her drunk driving arrest in New Mexico.

The 41-year-old was pulled over Sunday at a DWI checkpoint at 1 a.m. and police asked her to step out of the car. The video shows her denying that she had anything to drink that day. Youngblood said the last time she had something to drink was the night before. She also said she had taken no medication other than Ibuprofen.

In the video, Youngblood asks repeatedly for a jacket even though, the officer says, it is 67 degrees outside. She explains that she just got into a fight with her boyfriend. A small dog is visible in the car.

At one point she identifies herself as a lawmaker and says things like, “I literally fight for you guys,” and, “I’m the one that runs the death penalty for people who try to kill cops and child murderers.”

An officer responds, “Well, that doesn’t make it OK to drink and drive.”

She was surprised after a series of tests that she was being arrested, saying she “literally did everything right.”

“People tell me that you guys treat people of color like (expletive), and I always stand up for you guys,” she said. “I stick up for you guys, and I say, you know what, they wouldn’t treat you like (expletive) if there wasn’t a reason.”

Youngblood’s arrest record shows that she was cuffed at 1:14 a.m. and booked 4:44 a.m. She has been charged with aggravated DWI. The officer noted that she smelled of alcohol and refused a breathalyzer test.

It’s been noted that Youngblood supported legislation favoring Uber and Lyft in 2016 because it could help stop drunk driving.

As the Albuquerque Journal reported, it is possible that Youngblood will be investigated for attempting to use her office to influence police. The state Democratic Party has called for such an investigation.

Youngblood said in a statement to KRQE, “As a legislator, I have always taken drinking and driving seriously. While I regret the situation altogether, I most definitely regret not taking the breathalyzer test. I look forward to bringing this matter to a swift and just conclusion.”

Law&Crime has reached out to Rep. Youngblood for comment.

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