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‘I’m Gonna Make Sure You Go Viral’: Man Allegedly Filmed Girl Changing, Mom Filmed the Rest


The mother of a 12-year-old girl chased down a man who allegedly spied on her 12-year-old daughter who was trying on clothes in a store, then verbally destroyed him in the parking lot while recording his face before the police showed up.

Jorge Leon-Alfaro was allegedly looking underneath the door of a dressing room at a Salt Lake City, Utah store at a mall on Saturday, filming the girl as she was changing, police said. Her mother, Doris Stiles-Scrown, claimed Leon-Alfaro also tried to grab at the 12-year-old girl’s legs, but she caught him and chased him into the parking lot, according to KUTV.

Before police arrived, the Stiles-Scrown took out her phone and recorded the suspect as he sat on the ground. She later uploaded the video to the internet.

“This right here is what a predator looks like, ” Stiles-Scrown announced while recording the man’s face.

“Look at the camera! Look at the camera!” she yelled at him. He remained looking downward, his face still visible, while onlookers stood around him.

“I’m gonna make sure you go viral,” she continued. “You’re a sick pervert. A 12-year-old girl.”

“You’re so lucky that I don’t hurt you, because that’s what I want to do right now,” she continued.

A store employee was allegedly able to back up the allegations. Leon-Alfaro was arrested on a charge of voyeurism committed against a child under the age of 14.

According to Detective Greg Wilking with the Salt Lake City Police, it’s a good thing Stiles-Scrown and officers were able to catch the suspect, to prevent future incidents.

“My guess would be if this behavior hadn’t been reported, there could have been other victims,” he said.

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