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‘Get Out!’ Carjacking Suspects Freak When They Discover Dash-Cam Recording Them (Watch)


A pair of carjacking suspects did not get very far before they fled the vehicle, realizing they were being recorded by a camera the owner had installed on the dash.

The owner of the burgundy 2015 Kia Optima told police that he had just parked outside his apartment in Antioch, Tennessee, when a man armed with a gun came up to him from behind and demanded he turn over his belongings. After the car’s owner did as he was told, the gunman and another suspect allegedly got in the car and drove away.

Footage from the dashcam, posted by local WKRN, shows the hilarity that ensued next. The two suspects, clearly visible, drive along for a bit, when the man in the passenger seat spots the camera and freaks.

“Get out!” he can be heard frantically yelling to the other suspect, quickly hitting the camera away and moving its focus away from them. The two men soon ran out of the car.

Both of the suspects are still at large, but with their faces clearly shown in the video, the footage could be a big help for police officers trying to track them down.

The car’s owner was not identified by the local report, but according to WKRN his wife posted a picture of the suspects on social media with the caption, “These are the idiots who stole our car. This is the only car we have. Please be on the lookout for these thugs as they are jacking and dumping cars. ”

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