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Twitter Users Destroy Ben Shapiro After He Demands to Know What Brett Kavanaugh’s Penis Looks Like


Conservative public figure Ben Shapiro is defending Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh against a recent sexual misconduct allegation by raising questions about the high court member’s penis. The internet predictably responded from the window to the walls with ridicule.

“We’ve had a bevy of public figures in recent years who have had their genitalia described on national television by people who allege sexual assault,” Shapiro says in a video before listing a couple high-profile incidents of penile description. “Stormy Daniels famously described President Trump’s genitalia; Bill Clinton‘s genitalia–details of such were talked about.”

The founder of the conservative website, The Daily Wire:

Nobody has yet described Kavanaugh’s genitals–now that’s not dispositive. Maybe they were generic? Who knows?

As mentioned, the remarks were met with scorn and derision:

The suggestion that a sexual assault victim must accurately describe Kavanaugh’s penis to be taken seriously incensed many advocates and survivors of sexual assault.

After the penis talk had ended, Shapiro moved on to a more general defense of Kavanaugh–studded with quite a few inaccuracies.

“But the bottom line is we’ve had no corroborating details on any of these stories,” Shapiro insisted. “All of them apparently happened in public places with other witnesses available and not one witness has been there who corroborates any of these stories. It’s unbelievable.”

That’s not quite true. Deborah Ramirez’s original exposure allegation was corroborated by nearly two dozen individuals who attempted to contact the FBI to no avail. And the latest allegation was corroborated by three individuals who spoke with the New York Times.

[image via screengrab/The Ben Shapiro Show]

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