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President Donald Trump Unleashes Most Brutal Tirade Against Jeff Sessions Yet


President Donald Trump piled on his attorney general on Wednesday by saying that he isn’t his attorney general.

The latest Trumpian swipe at U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions came during an interview with Hill.TV described as “extensive and free-wheeling.” Trump came out and just said it: Jeff Sessions doesn’t even exist.

“I don’t have an Attorney General. It’s very sad,” he said. Trump said that his disappointment in Sessions does not just stem from his decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. Actually, Trump said, he’s unhappy about “numerous things.”

“I’m not happy at the border,” Trump offered one vague example.

The president also expressed regret that Sessions ever became attorney general.

“I’m so sad over Jeff Sessions because he came to me. He was the first Senator that endorsed me. And he wanted to be Attorney General, and I didn’t see it,” Trump said.

Eventually, Trump went back to Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe. Trump said that Sessions’ future at the White House is up in the air and indicated that study of history has given him pause on making a move.

“We’ll see what happens. A lot of people have asked me to do that. And I guess I study history, and I say I just want to leave things alone, but it was very unfair what he did,” he said.

Trump said that even his “worst enemies” (none named) have admitted that what Sessions did was “very unfair.”

“I’m very disappointed in Jeff. Very disappointed,” he said.

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