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‘I’m Dealing with a Lot of Lawfare’: ‘Stop the Steal’ Organizer Says ‘Crushing’ Legal Bills After Jan. 6 Have Taken Him ‘Out of the Midterms’

Ali Alexander

Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander takes a sip of water as he returns to a conference room for a deposition meeting on Capitol Hill with the House select committee investigating the January 6th attack on Dec. 9, 2021 in Washington, D.C.

The activist and organizer of “Stop the Steal” rallies in the lead-up to Jan. 6 said in an interview that the avalanche of ensuing litigation has led to “crushing” legal bills and effectively sidelined him for the midterm elections.

“God certainly prepared me for this moment. It’s taken all of my life experience, be it being a champion debater in high school. My mother’s a lawyer. I’ve been sued several times,” Ali Alexander told the Nebraska Examiner in an interview published on Monday. “I worked in politics. And so, I think that that prepared me for the post J6 fallout, where I face more lawfare (a legal effort to delegitimize an opponent) than any other single individual, other than Donald Trump.”

Alexander, a far-right activist and convicted felon, then noted he is being sued by U.S. Capitol Police officers along with former President Donald Trump, Trump confidant Roger Stone, and Brandon Straka, the “WalkAway Campaign” activist and convicted Jan. 6 rioter who recently sobbed in a fake jail cell at CPAC.

In addition, as recently as June 24, it was reported that Alexander had testified before a federal grand jury.

Alexander said that the federal grand jury is investigating “the alternate electors” (see: distinct but related).

“I testified for the J6 like committee for eight hours. It was the longest or second-longest verbal testimony. I had to testify before the grand jury that’s investigating the alternate electors,” Alexander said. “I’m dealing with a lot of lawfare, a hundred thousand dollars in legal bills, juggling four different lawyers.”

The Jan. 6 Committee subpoenaed Alexander this past October and he reportedly cooperated with that investigation, handing lawmakers thousands of documents and testifying behind closed doors for hours, as described above.

He referred to the consequences of Jan. 6 as “kind of crippling and crushing,” but said, “I’ve dealt with my own peace, competent lawyers, a lot of prayer, and that’s where I am.”

Alexander also that said the mounting legal bills and various proceedings have him “stuck.”

“They’ve taken me out of the midterms in 2022. So shout-out to the Democrats for sidelining a ton of great organizers in the Republican Party,” he said.

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