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‘Good Job Jeff’: Trump Sarcastically Chides Sessions for Charging GOP Reps Before Mid-Terms


President Donald Trump is not happy that two Republican congressmen were charged with crimes by the Department of Justice. Chris Collins (R-New York) was charged with securities fraud earlier this summer. More recently, Duncan Hunter (R-California) was indicted for allegedly using campaign funds for personal use. Trump tweeted Monday afternoon about the cases, blasting his Attorney General for filing the charges before November’s mid-term elections.

“Good job Jeff……” Trump said.

Trump characterized the probes into the two GOP representatives as “long running, Obama era, investigations of two very popular Republican Congressmen,” lamenting that the charges came “just ahead of the Mid-Terms, by the Jeff Sessions Justice Department.” Both Collins and Hunter were up for reelection this November, but Collins announced that he was suspending his campaign. It was too late for Hunter to do so by the time he was charged.

The president did not address the specifics of the allegations against Collins or Hunter in this tweet, or a subsequent one, focusing on the potential political implications.

Trump claimed that Democrats, who strongly vilified Sessions during his confirmation process, “must love him now.” The president likened this to how the left didn’t like former FBI Director James Comey either, until Trump fired him.

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