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George Conway Makes Bold Predictions About Donald Trump’s Downfall After New York Times Revelations


In the aftermath of the New York Times’s latest exposé on the president’s finances, arch-never-Trump-conservative George Conway made some bold predictions on Tuesday about the long road ahead for Donald Trump as the election jog turns into a sprint. Conway went so far as to say that Trump will go “personally bankrupt” and may not even be able to pay criminal defense lawyers.

The attorney and political nemesis of the president predicted that “sooner or later” but “probably sooner” the president’s tax returns, which were reported by the Times, will be on the internet “in full” for all to see. The ensuing dissection by the masses and, presumably, by tax and legal experts will only cause more evidence to come out. Thereafter, the president’s credit line well will run dry. Conway, fresh off of a short-lived Twitter hiatus, then channeled a scene from It’s a Wonderful Life by all but saying: You realize what this means? It means bankruptcy and scandal and prison!

“He’s done,” Conway said.

The tweets when combined:

Prediction: Sooner or later, probably sooner, the @realDonaldTrump tax returns that the @nytimes obtained will be obtained by other journalists, and then put on the internet in full.

And all that expert crowdsourcing will not only produce more insight about Trump’s finances, but also will cause even more evidence to come out.

No one will touch him financially, and he’ll have no one to bail him out. Not even a line of credit to tide things over.

He’ll end up personally bankrupt.

He’ll wind up a criminal defendant, fighting off charges of tax and financial fraud, and he might not be even able to foot his lawyers’ bills, if any decent lawyers will still work for him.

He’s done.

Not just politically, but financially and legally.

The New York Times has already said that “additional articles” on the subject of the president’s finances “will be published in the coming weeks.”

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