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Georgia Cops Rescue Small And Terrified Deer From Net (WATCH)


Police in Georgia have released body camera footage showing an act of valor performed in service of Cervidae.

Cervidae are the family of mammals commonly known as deer.

In the video, two officers with the Peachtree City Police Department arrive on the scene to find a small white-tailed deer struggling to free itself from the uncaring clutches of a tangled, discarded net.

As the creature shuffles back and forth, it becomes lodged ever deeper into a bramble of tree branches. One of the officers can be heard saying:

We’re not gonna be able to get it off the horns, but we can get it out of there.

The officers then address the deer as they get to work. One says, “Chill out buddy!” and, “Calm down, dude!”

As one officer pulls on and cuts at the net, the other holds onto the frightened fawn’s horns to stabilize it, saying, “Stay still, stay still,” and “I know, I know.”

Finally, after a few seconds of sawing, the blue cloth of the net snaps away and the young deer leaps out of sight as an officer says, “There you go, buddy.”

[image via screengrab]

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