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Woman Proudly Admits on Video to Storming Pelosi’s Office During D.C. Insurrection


What are the legal ramifications for those Trump supporters who raided the Capitol Building on Wednesday? One woman, Texas resident Jenny Cudd, insists she did nothing illegal, even though she admitted proudly to storming the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“I personally didn’t break anything,” Cudd, former mayoral candidate for Midland Texas, told The Odessa American. “I didn’t break down any doors. I didn’t do anything violent. No one that I saw had any weapons of any sort.”

She insisted she didn’t break the law.

“I know there are plenty of people in Midland and Odessa that have already turned me in to the FBI,” she said. “When the FBI calls, I will talk to them.”

As seen in numerous pictures and video, Trump supporters broke through the police line and stormed the Capitol Building while Congress was certifying the Electoral College results which favored President-elect Joe Biden, a Democrat. A Reuters reporter said on Friday that he heard at least three different rioters said they wanted to hang Vice President Mike Pence, who Trump baselessly claimed could reject the Electoral College results. Pence said he would not reject those results, hence the resentment from the crowd in the wake of one the president’s rallies.

As for Cudd, she is downplaying her participation in the overall event, and attempted to re-contexualize the optics on this matter in an interview with The Midland Reporter-Telegram, by stating a baseless conspiracy theory that it was actually Antifa who broke through police barriers and attacked officers before her arrival.

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