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Sidney Powell Mocked, Scorned, Ridiculed and More Over Clumsy, Rambling, Typo-Filled ‘Kraken’ Lawsuits


Former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell filed two highly anticipated lawsuits late Wednesday evening aimed at overturning the results of the presidential election in Michigan and Georgia.

The so-called “Kraken” legal filings have been much ballyhooed by supporters and allies of President Donald Trump—despite the fact Powell’s recent performance in public was too bizarre for the 45th president. The Trump campaign distanced itself from Powell just eight days after the president loudly professed to believe that the fire-breathing attorney’s legal acumen augured exceptionally well for the all-but impossible odds against changing the outcome of the 2020 electoral contest.

Legal observers and reporters, however, quickly noticed a few mistakes in Powell’s filings.

“The Kraken is typos!” joked federal appellate attorney Raffi Melkonian via Twitter.

Those typos included two different misspellings of the word “district” at the very top of the Georgia complaint:

New York-based attorney and author Luppe B. Luppen had a similar take–and showcased his own attempts at correcting those issues:

Others pointed to more fundamental/legal problems with the briefs:

The lawsuits themselves name the governors of Michigan and Georgia as defendants and allege that multiple ballots were forged in both states as well as complaining that ballot canvassing observers were unable to meaningfully oversee the vote count.

Neither lawsuit is expected to make it very far in the federal court system and both of the error-plagued filings will likely need to be resubmitted in order to amend the numerous formatting mistakes that literally make certain segments essentially unreadable.

For example:

Attorney Ken White excoriated Powell over her haphazard and clumsy filings pre-Thanksgiving lawsuits.

“It reads like it was drafted by [Jeanine Pirro] after a Black Friday sale at BevMo,” he tweeted.

To date, Trump and his attorneys–current and former–have adamantly waged a public relations campaign aimed at convincing the president’s base that widespread electoral and voter fraud occurred during the 2020 election. Also to date, no evidence has been provided that supports those allegations, but the fundraising efforts continue. Powell’s lawsuits will almost certainly not change that calculus but were welcomed by the MAGA faithful who appear determined to go down fighting–no matter how much ridicule and scorn they incur on the way out.

As for the long-awaited Kraken attack on the 2020 election results, the effort waged was decidedly not cephalopod-like in appearance.

But for some, the typos were all part of the “plan,” whatever that is.

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