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Never Forget: Ivanka Trump Called Pro-Trump Insurrectionists Laying Siege to U.S. Capitol ‘American Patriots’


When Wednesday’s attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol broke out, the Trump family was at first noticeably quiet. About an hour in, though, Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump implicitly praised the insurrectionists, then apparently thought better of it.

While protesters scaled the Capitol walls, broke windows, and stormed legislative chambers, Ivanka tweeted to the group, addressing them as “American Patriots.”

“AMERICAN PATRIOTS,” the First Daughter wrote in caps-lock, “any security breach or disrespect to or law enforcement is unacceptable.”  “The violence must stop immediately.” She ended, “Please be peaceful.”

Ms. Trump was immediately chastised online for calling those rioting against democracy, “American Patriots.”

FDOTUS responded by deleting the tweet, and posting a new one, which ostensibly clarified her meaning.

While Ms. Trump did manage to call violence “unacceptable,” she continued to hail the patriotism of peaceful protest. It remains unclear whether she believes those scaling the walls of the Capitol building are the peaceful patriots she praises or the violent ones she called to condemned.

The utter impotence of Ms. Trump’s revised messaging wasn’t lost on anyone.

[Ivanka Trump via Win McNamee and Getty Images]

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