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Welcome Court Chatters!

Court Chatter has found a new home at Law & Crime! You’ll still be able to watch and chat about all the trials you want as well as listen to real-time analysis and commentary from Law & Crime’s in-studio anchors.

Here’s how to navigate our site:

If you want to watch a trial that is currently live, go to Law & Crime’s home page and click “Live” on the navigation bar. This will show all the trials that are currently live. It will also show a stream called “Watch Live Now Law & Crime Network” where our anchors hop between live trials while providing analysis. Once you choose the one you want to watch, it will take you to articles we’ve written about the trial. If the article has a “Watch Live” indicator on it, it will include the livestream of the trial as well as a chatroom. Please click any one.

If you want to watch a trial that was previously recorded, please go to Law & Crime’s home page and click “Past Trials” on the navigation bar. It will then take you to articles with recordings of our footage.

All of our footage can also be accessed on

We’re working on a better way to organize our coverage and archives, and hopefully will get that up and running shortly! In the meantime enjoy, and welcome to Law & Crime!