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Why should you subscribe?

  • Justice Rules

    The show offers single and multi-topic episodes that go in-depth into true crime stories that have had a profound impact on the lives of victims and their families.

  • Vanished

    This show covers cases of children who have mysteriously disappeared anywhere from weeks to decades in the past and seeks the public’s help in finding them. Each episode highlights the missing child’s last whereabouts, any known suspects related to the disappearance, and provides tangible ways the online community can help solve the case.

  • Trial File

    Trial File takes a look back at some of the Law&Crime Trial network’s most high profile criminal trials, featuring evidence and testimony as it happened in the courtroom.

  • Buried with Love

    Buried with Love is a true crime docuseries that tells the twisted stories of parents who are suspected of and later proven to be involved in the death or disappearance of their children. The first case covered is that of Ohio high school cheerleader Brooke Skylar Richardson who was charged with murder after police found her newborn baby buried in her backyard. The second case explored is the triple homicide murder investigation of Chris Watts.

  • Prime Crime

    Host Jesse Weber, a New York attorney, tackles the biggest and most controversial crime stories across the nation. These include the stories of Jodi Arias, Lori Vallow-Daybell, the Golden State killer case, the tragic murder of law professor Dan Markel, and more. Weber will sit down with experts as well as the actual players involved in the cases. Together, they will revisit the police interrogation tapes, the bodycam footage, 911 phone calls, and the most explosive moments in court.

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  • Jail

    Jail gives viewers a front row seat as recently arrested suspects face entry into the criminal justice system. From their initial arrival and interactions with corrections officers, through booking, fingerprinting and processing, JAIL chronicles the human drama of suspects adjusting to the harsh and sometimes bumpy reality of pre-trial incarceration in America.

  • COPS Reloaded

    COPS Reloaded showcases some of the most memorable suspects, car chases and action-packed moments from television's popular reality program.

We deliver the must-see moments from courtrooms all across the country and produce a growing number of original legal and crime programs.

Raw feeds are still free for you to view! These do not include the in-studio analysis from our experienced hosts, as well as our original programming like The Daily Debrief and Brian Ross Investigates!

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